About Us

Avnet Cyber & Information Security has stood at the forefront of the cybersecurity world for more than 20 years. Our market-leading services include developing technological, networking and operational strategies, providing technology-based training for cybersecurity professionals, and implementing various large-scale security systems and networks. Avnet clients include numerous prominent organizations from the public and private sectors, including HLS, governmental, financial, and hi-tech groups.


Harnessing the unique skillsets of former IDF intelligence officers and OSCE/OSCP/CISSP-certified hackers, each Avnet ops team benefits from peerless experience and specialist expertise. Our professional team members include dozens of senior consultants, trainers, cyber experts and system integration engineers, all specializing in relevant fields.



Avnet’s custom-built cyber solutions and products are precisely matched to your specific needs, leveraging cutting-edge technologies for optimal results. We are headquartered in Israel, the cyber capital of the world, and our extensive industry contacts mean we always have access to the very latest innovations.



Ensuring complete peace of mind for your company and your customers, Avnet provides a complete 360° solution, from risk assessment, strategy design and cyberattack simulations, through exclusive training technologies, to full on-site implementation.

Cyber Posture And Strategy Design

Avnet’s specialist Cyber Posture & Strategy Design service includes an in-depth security audit and risk assessment solution covering procedures and systems throughout your entire organization:

  • Networks
  • IT infrastructure
  • Endpoints
  • Industrial networks
  • Web server infrastructure
  • Organizational policies
  • Training
  • Security capabilities
  • Headquarters procedures

Cyber Academy

Avnet’s exclusive Cyber Academy offers a wide range of professional training courses covering essential cybersecurity skills. With beginner, intermediate, and expert levels, our courses include Cyber Defender, Forensic Malware Analysis, Penetration Tester, Secure Coding, Awareness Training, and many more.

AVNET Cyber Academy’s technology features sophisticated built-in cyber scenarios and attacks that have been thoroughly planned and tested by Avnet’s expert teams.

Cyber Attack Simulation

Not sure how secure your systems are? Let our in-house hackers find out by launching multiple cyberattacks on your organization!

We will rapidly identify your core vulnerabilities and take measures to prevent hostile hackers from exploiting the same chinks in your armor, gaining access, and taking control of your targeted assets.

Under Attack?

Avnet’s Cyber Incident Response Team provides an immediate, 24/7 response to any cyberattack targeting your organization.

Our dedicated team will provide outstanding protection against the current attack, preventing hostile forces from infiltrating deeper into your assets.


Get Cyber Protected

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