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Cyber Academy

Avnet’s innovative Cyber Academy is a top industry Cyber Range choice for comprehensive, end-to-end cybersecurity training and certification. The Academy gives infosec and IT staff the opportunity to experience various cyber threats via the advanced TAME™ Range technology developed by IAI & AVNET. Each course includes sophisticated built-in cyber scenarios and attacks that have been thoroughly planned and tested by Avnet’s cyber expert teams. Ranging from simple to complex, and including both short and long-term incidents, these scenarios are an invaluable tool for professional development.
By experiencing and analyzing cyber scenarios in real time, the trainees can acquire and develop essential professional expertise in identifying, detecting, and handling diverse cyberattacks. They also benefit from developing professional defensive, forensic, and penetration tester skills (detecting, containing, isolating, refining, analyzing, and exploiting the understanding of system vulnerabilities in order to effectively reinforce the defense system).


The Cyber Academy advanced training technological system is designed to help the trainee think like an attacker, providing practical experience in cyber defense, forensics, and offense. Using organizational or open source tools, it represents a critical milestone in each organization’s ongoing confrontation with constantly-evolving cyber threats. Upon successful completion of the various courses, trainees are certified as cyber defenders, investigators or penetration testers.


Established in 1995, Avnet has launched a specialist division that focuses exclusively on cybersecurity in the HLS and banking sectors. Our course developers and trainers are veteran Israeli cybersecurity experts with extensive operational and theoretical experience in the management of national and government CERTs. They have personally investigated and handled thousands of cybersecurity incidents around the world.
Our OSCP and OSCE-certified trainers bring with them years of experience in theoretical and practical instruction, and are among the world’s top cybersecurity trainers. Their achievements have even been recognized on the “hall of fame” thank you walls displayed by leading hi-tech firms, such as Google, Facebook, and many more.



  • Automated training system exposes the trainee to real-time cyberattacks, developing irreplaceable experience in cyber defense, offense & forensics
  • User-friendly
  • Complex multi-stage cyber campaigns can be conducted at the simple click of a button
  • Automatic monitoring of the trainee’s network health, tracking progress against predefined goals
  • Integrated cyber incident log
  • Consolidated journal of course activities – improves debriefing and performance evaluation accuracy
  • Automated provisioning of training environments
  • Pre-defined automated cyber activities library
  • Lab research mode

Training Programs

CyBrave Certified Incident Response Defender (CCIRD|CCIRE)

  • Cyber Incident Response – Entry Level
  • Cyber Incident Response – Defender
  • Cyber Incident Response – Expert

CyBrave Certified Penetration Tester (CCPT|CCPTE)

  • Penetration Tester – Entry Level
  • Penetration Tester
  • Penetration Tester – Expert

CyBrave Certified SCADA Incident Response Defender (CCSIRD|CCSIRDE)

  • SCADA Incident Response – Entry Level
  • SCADA Incident Response – Defender
  • SCADA Incident Response – Expert

Cyber Security Workshops

  • Cyber Security Awareness
  • Secured Coding for Developers
  • Cyber Security Policies and Guidelines for Executives

Our Offer

Avnet offers two effective training strategies for your business:

  1. A complete Cybersecurity Training & Simulation center: we will train your trainers, who can then provide training sessions for your other staff members.
  2. A training program delivered by our trainers at your location.

Get Cyber Protected

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