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Cyber Attack Simulation

Change the game by taking the initiative

Cyber incidents are on the rise and everybody is exposed to them. “Target Retail” data breach damage costs so far are estimated by them at $291 million, and may reach $370 million, U.K. mobile service provider TalkTalk attributed more than $80 million in losses to a breach that garnered information on 157,000 customers. Yet, other companies have no idea how much damage their breaches have done. It is just a matter of time until you will find it at your doorstep.
  • Can you answer and say how ready is your organization for such an attack?
  • Can you give a qualified answer?
  • Can you give a scalable answer?
    If not then you are not prepared for an imminent cyber-attack. This is why you need to take the first initiative and expose beforehand all of your organization cyber security vulnerabilities.

Our Offer

We offer you our team of certified cyber experts, veterans of IDF intelligence units and gifted “white hackers” service. We will launch a live, multiple state of art cyber-attacks upon your organization, find your vulnerability and exploit it to gain access and control over your targeted assets. At the end of the process, we will provide you with a full detailed report with how we did it including snapshots and what you need to do in order to be prepared in all fronts. Our offering is comprised out of 3 steps:

1.     Reconnaissance & Mapping of Critical Assets

As a preliminary step to performing the attacks, we will gather information about your critical assets in various methods – relevant technical staff, documentation analysis, asset mapping, communications, management & usage analytics between assets etc. we will then analyze the collected data and plan the attack.

2.     Launch Multiple Cyber-attacks

  • Stolen Laptop

In this scenario we will get an employee computer which was allegedly stolen. We will try to see if we can use the laptop in order to achieve access, and then use this access to get sensitive information from the laptop or the network that is connected to.

  • External Network

Avnet will check your infrastructure network components that are exposed to the internet in order to identify vulnerabilities and exploit them.

  • Internal Network

This cyber-attack identifies uses network and infrastructural vulnerability and exploits them, resulting in the unauthorized control of your network.

  • Portal Application

Your system applications will be attacked in various aspects of security, using robust in house attempts and methods to examine their security level.

3.     Sharing Our Unique knowledge and Insights on Your Security Level

At the end of the simulation we will provide you with a full detailed report of “how we did it” including screen shots and what you need to do in order to be mitigate them.

Cyber Attack Simulation Methods

Black Box

Hacking services performed with no previous information about the clients system.

Grey Box

Hacking services performed after receiving information about the client system. We will analyze and investigate based on this information different attack scenarios and best practices in order to have a full perspective over the client assets. IT network systems etc.


We have the ability to perform several Remote internal Cyber-attack. In it is possible as long as the client permits a remote connection to the internet.

Get Cyber Protected

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