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The Threats

In the last decade, technology has changed the way we do almost everything. The digitalization of our world has influenced the way we communicate, do business, store information and even conduct daily tasks. This same efficiency and convenience has also created vulnerabilities. As fast as technology is evolving, so are the cyber threats and attacks levied against organizations, corporations, and individuals. Cyberattacks can range from disruptive to entirely destructive, threatening and often bringing down entire networks and infrastructures with the added risk of stealing every bit of information they contain.
These attacks could originate from anywhere, with motivations that range from theft of assets or customer information, to corporate espionage or a “because I can” rationale.  They come from sources that include script kiddies, criminals, competitors, countries, third parties, employees, and even terrorist organizations. Many institutions have already been the target of successfully-executed attacks by criminals, organized crime, and rival states, causing disruption, financial loss, and reputational damage.
Cybersecurity services are no longer a “nice to have”. They are an absolute must for any modern organization. These services are a critical tool for safeguarding the organization’s assets, response and recovery in the event of a cyberattack, and also help senior management capitalize on the organization’s strengths, meet challenges, and fulfill objectives.


Organizations are confronted by many security threats and often need to contend with unauthorized/illegal access, exposure of sensitive data, data corruption, data fraud and even embezzlement, among other serious issues. Our team of cybersecurity consultants are experts in system, network, communications, infrastructure, and applications. They will audit your critical business assets and provide you with a comprehensive report prioritizing the risks and threats you are facing, along with how to specifically mitigate them.

Penetration Tests

This service is designed to identify, exploit, and verify the existence and harm potential of the system’s main vulnerabilities and threat vectors. The service is performed externally or internally by Avnet’s leading experts in the fields of ethical hacking, security assessment and penetration testing, utilizing a large variety of tools, both commercially available and proprietary. Upon completion, Avnet provides a comprehensive report that will be used in order to implement the required security changes and make improvements in the relevant platforms and infrastructure.

Our Offer

The Penetration Testing service generally has 3 stages:

  • Assessment planning and design
  • Performing the assessment
  • Preliminary summary

Scope of the Penetration Tests

Black Box Testing – Avnet’s team is not provided with any details about the client’s assets. The team’s first step is therefore to carry out reconnaissance activities and gather sufficient data in order to launch an effective critical attack. This is typically a longer process due to the inclusion of the reconnaissance stage.

Gray Box Testing – A faster process, in which Avnet’s team is provided with sufficient data so they can skip the reconnaissance stage.

White Box Testing – Avnet’s team is given all the necessary information, with the aim of testing the resilience of a specific application or server.

Application Security Review

From building next-gen web applications that handle thousands of users across teams worldwide, or focusing on your business application, there are many aspects of handling the complexity of security in modern applications, keeping up with new threats and mitigating them as you develop new code.

Our Offer

An advanced application security audit conducted through questioning and manual code review of the application’s core components. The application review focuses on the key information security mechanisms of all components.
ion review focuses on key information security mechanisms of all components.

Get Cyber Protected

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